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InnovaGate - Innovation Process Management on SharePoint

Agile Innovation Process Management using SharePoint

InnovaOPN is a Innovation, Ideation, Phase Gate, Stage Gate, Idea Management product developed on the SharePoint platform.

Creating, driving, and managing an innovation process is a challenge all organizations face.  What is the right process?  Will my organization adopt the process and tools?  How will we create visibility and accountability?  How will we learn from our experience and institutionalize our learning?

For organizations that have standardized on SharePoint as an enterprise platform, InnovaGate is the answer.  InnovaGate is a configurable innovation process management tool that is developed on top of the SharePoint platform.  InnovaGate supports ideation, idea management, innovation process management, and phase-gate methodologies.


  • Adaptable to your innovation processes using administrative configuration screens
  • Quick time to benefit – up in a matter of days for well-defined processes
  • Insures process quality and provides consistency of tasks, deliverables, and ratings
  • Insures schedules are met by creating visibility at all levels of the organization
  • Increases process and tool adoption with reduced organizational friction
  • Supports learning and continuous improvement

Key Features

 Top down phase gated innovation

Phase-Gate Innovation Process Management

  • Collaborative innovation sites are created which include team members, roles, tasks, and deliverables
  • Innovators perform their daily work in the innovation sites
  • Flexible innovation evaluation and scoring by phase
  • Gate reviews with enforceable business rules for dispositions
  • Intelligent process control with integrated navigation and insights
  • Process views by category, function, and person
  • Flexible reporting

Challenge Management 

  • Enables business leaders to identify, develop, and publish innovation challenges in support of organizational strategy and initiatives
  • Challenge listings for innovators to find published challenges and supporting information
  • Submission of new ideas for specific challenges
  • Collaboration for challenge leaders to view ideas and engage with innovators 
Bottom up stage gated innovation

 Configurable Innovation product based on SharePoint platform

Innovation Sites

  • Stakeholders perform their daily work  in innovation sites
  • Task management
  • Deliverable management
  • Collaboration
  • Disposition


  • Management views
    • Process
    • Category
    • Function
    • Personal


Idea Management dashboards


  • Processes
  • Data collection elements
  • Phases
  • Site Content
  • Roles, team, security, and task assignment by phase
  • Idea and Project Routing
  • Deliverables
  • Scoring and evaluation
  • Alerts
  • Dispositions
  • Categories and functions
  • Connectivity to other systems such as ERP, IP, and Project Management

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If you are interested in a demonstration of InnovaGate configured to your innovation process or have a question about licensing InnovaPhase you can ask a DataLan expert by e-mailing or call 914-288-0600 x291.
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 White Paper - 4Es of Successful Innovation Management
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Case Studies
Global Materials Manufacturer – Innovation Management
Each of the customer’s R&D centers ran its own product development structure to support regional product launches. There was little collaboration or visibility across the centers. In addition to the geographic challenges...
Global Equipment Manufacturer – Innovation Management
The company wanted to increase the number and quality of ideas for organizational improvement and growth, make better decisions about which to develop, and to reduce development cycle and implementation time...
Global Consumer Goods – Ideation
The customer is the US subsidiary of a global leader in the development and manufacture of hair care, hair color, skincare, color cosmetics, and fragrances for the consumer and professional markets. The organization employs nearly 8,000...
Sports Equipment Category Leader – Product Development
The customer defined a new product development process to replace their manual, meeting-based process. This new phase-gated process encompassed product development from concept to launch. To ensure a successful launch of the new process...
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